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Roald Amundsen first discovers The South Pole (1911)

Roald Amundsen first discovers The South Pole (1911)

On December 14th, 1911 Roald Amundsen and his team finally reached the South Pole after a gruelling journey across the Antarctic continent. Amundsen’s expedition had set out from Norway just over a year earlier, and had been beset by bad weather and mechanical problems from the start. Yet despite these challenges, Amundsen had persevered, and his team became the first to successfully navigate the treacherous southern ice. The achievement was all the more remarkable given that another explorer, Robert Falcon Scott, had also been vying for the prize. In the end, Scott and his team reached the South Pole just over a month after Amundsen, but sadly all of them perished on the return journey. Although it was a tragic ending, Scott’s expedition nonetheless helped to cement the importance of the South Pole in the public imagination. Since then, countless other explorers have ventured to this remote corner of the world, furthering our understanding of our planet in the process.

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