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Snow Leopard Day

Snow Leopard Day

Snow Leopards are exceptionally well suited to very cold environments, thanks to their very thick grey fur with long tails that they can wrap around their bodies for an extra layer of warmth (they can be seen using their tails as a scarf). They also have fur-covered paws that act as natural snow shoes and are exceptionally well placed to provide balance and protection from the snow. Snow Leopards are actually more closely related to tigers than leopards biologically and they actually use a high-pitched yowl rather than a roar to scare off any predators. These beautiful animals have extremely good endurance and have been known to cover the distance of a marathon in a single night as well as being extremely good long-distance jumpers, being able to scale nearly nine metres or around six times their body lengths. Snow Leopards have spectacular bright blue eyes and they are most active in the very early morning. It is estimated that there are only 4,500 – 7,000 Snow Leopards currently in the wild and their natural habitat is endangered due to rising temperatures globally. For the first 18 months of a Snow Leopard’s life, they are raised solely by their mothers.

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