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Spitting Image premieres on ITV

Spitting Image premieres on ITV

In 1984, a new satirical puppetry show called Spitting Image made its debut on ITV. The show was an instant hit with viewers, thanks to its clever writing and willingness to skewer politicians of all stripes.

Over the course of its 12-year run, Spitting Image featured a rotating cast of puppets, including everyone from Margaret Thatcher to Nelson Mandela. The show satirized public figures such as politicians, celebrities, and royals, and was known for its grotesque and often controversial puppets. The show was also notable for its theme song, which boasted the line “If I can see it, I can be it.” In recent years, Spitting Image has been credited with inspiring a new generation of puppet shows, including Avenue Q and The Muppets.

Despite its success, the show was not without its critics; some accused it of being unfair and biased, while others claimed it was simply too crude.

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