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Spring Begins

Spring Begins

Spring is finally here and with it comes bursting blooms and chirping birds – bringing people all over the world a sense of joy and energy. Spring marks a time of renewal and growth, inspiring us to reflect on the past and look forward to brighter days ahead. From watching blooms blossom and colours returning to nature to participating in unique traditions like egg painting or flying kites, there’s something special about spring that lifts our spirits. How celebration of spring differs around the world is fascinating! From festivals like Holi in India to Hanami in Japan, different cultures are filled with stories, traditions, and festivities of their own to mark the start of this magical season.

Spring brings a certain sense of hope, new life and beauty that serves as an inspiration for many. Even though days are getting longer and warmer, what’s also wonderful about this season is that each day can give rise to something extraordinary.

So, pick your favourite flowers, head outdoors and make some fabulous memories using our resources that you can cherish from springtime 2023!

Activity Ideas:

  • Enjoy a Spring themed Relaxation session with Ruth – here
  • Have a go at Liz Million’s Spring Draw Along – here
  • Test your knowledge a Spring Quiz from SSC – here
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