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St David’s Day

St David's Day

St David’s Day is a fabulous day celebrating the patron saint of Wales – Saint David! The holiday dates back to the 12th century when it was celebrated by monks. It’s said that crowds were so moved by one of his sermons that a white leek began to grow in the ground as a symbol of Welsh pride.

To this day, people usually wear traditional Welsh costumes such as men’s caps, women’s bonnets, leeks, or symbolic daffodils. Additionally, parades are held where there are Morris dancers and traditional Welsh costumes which help to celebrate the culture behind St David’s Day. A lot of eating and drinking happens too – cawl (a traditional soup) and Welsh cakes being some of the favourites! Music is an essential part of St David’s Day with choirs singing hymns in honour of Saint David at events throughout the country, truly making it an exciting day to celebrate! St David’s Day serves to remind us all to be humble yet confident like him – to stay true to our values without compromising on our integrity.

It’s an opportunity for families and communities to come together, enjoy tasty treats or even practice sports like rugby! A jolly good time! Spread some Welsh festivity in your care setting with these fun resources.

Activity Ideas:

  • Enjoy this Welsh cake recipe – here
  • Get crafty and make these Welsh love spoons – here
  • Enjoy our Saint David’s Day Activity Book – here