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St Piran’s Day

St Piran's Day

St Piran’s Day, celebrated on the 5th of March each year, is a national day of celebration in Cornwall. The origin of this public holiday dates back to the 6th century when St Piran arrived from Ireland and conducted religious ceremonies. It has since become an important day for residents in Cornwall as it celebrates their history, culture and heritage. People typically mark this special day by flying the Cornish Flag, attending parades, as well as participating in activities such Tak ‘N’ Tin which involves ringing handbells and singing traditional songs about St Piran. To honour his legacy, locals celebrate with activities like ‘the battle of the buns’, an epic struggle between Cornish priests over how many hot cross buns survived the night! All these activities give individuals and families the opportunity to have fun whilst also showing respect for their predecessors.

So, what could be better than letting loose and appreciating your ancestors at the same time? Use these resources to celebrate this day in your care-setting with enthusiasm!

Activity Ideas:

  • Make some delicious simple scones – here
  • What goes first on a scone, jam or cream? Have some fun debates with our unique conversation starters – here
  • Enjoy a sing-along with our ‘when the Saints go marching in lyrics and factsheets’ – here