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Start of Nutrition and Hydration week

Start of Nutrition and Hydration week

Nutrition and Hydration Week is the time for people all over the world to give their bodies the care and respect that it deserves. This week of celebration began with a goal to encourage healthy eating habits, greater water consumption, improved nutrition, and general wellness. This week was created in 2004 as a platform to promote the importance of healthy eating, drinking plenty of water, and engaging with physical activities. It’s emphasized time and time again how vital having these habits are for proper hydration and nutrition, but this week just gives everyone additional motivation to take action.

People can participate in Nutrition and Hydration Week by hydrating more frequently with fresh water throughout the day and including nutritious meals into their diets. They can also create challenges such as trying new foods or recipes with friends or family that are packed with vitamins! No matter how you celebrate, use these resources to promote some healthy yet delicious recipes in your care-setting!

Activity Ideas:

  • Make some delicious milk lollies – full of calcium – here
  • Make hydration fun with a sensory tea tasting – here
  • Indulge in some delicious veggie crisps as a healthy snack – here