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Taj Mahotsav

Taj Mahotsav

The Taj Mahotsav is a ten-day annual festival that celebrates the culture and heritage of India’s Agra region. The festival was started in 1992 by the Uttar Pradesh tourism department and is held every year in the month of February. The festival is held in February and pays tribute to the glorious history of the Mughal Empire, of which the Taj Mahal is one of the most famous examples. The festival features a wide range of cultural performances, from traditional dance and music to contemporary theatre and circus acts.

Taj Mahotsav showcases the best of Indian culture, art, and cuisine. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, including elephant and camel rides, Ghazal performances, puppet shows, and folk dances. The festival is also a great opportunity to buy traditional handicrafts and textiles.

Explore Indian culture with some Bollywood dancing and sweets in your care setting using these resources!

Activity Ideas:

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