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The Queen’s Lying In State Continues

The Queen’s Lying In State Continues

At the lying-in-state, The Queen’s coffin will be draped in The Royal Standard with the Orb and Spectre placed on top. The Royal Standard represents The Sovereign and the United Kingdom and is flown when the monarch is in residence. It also decorates the official royal carriage and aircraft. In the modern-day Royal Standard, it has changed over the years, there are four quarterings – England (three lions passant) in the first and fourth quarters, Scotland (a lion rampant) in the second quarter and Ireland (a harp) in the third quarter. Made for Charles II coronation in 1664, the Orb shows a cross atop the globe, symbolising The Royal Family’s relationship with God. The Spectre holds the world’s largest diamond and is a reminder to the Monarch to rule fairly and bravely.

The Queen was known for her love of horses and the beautiful animals were an important part of many celebrations of her life. Take some time today to learn more about The Queen’s connection to these majestic creatures.

Activity Ideas:

  • Learn more about the remarkable relationship between The Queen and her horses – here