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Celebrating Tommy Cooper, magician and prop comedian

Celebrating Tommy Cooper, magician and prop comedian

Born in 1921, Tommy Cooper was an iconic British magician and prop comic who could keep audiences giggling with his signature offbeat humour. A master of farce and physical comedy, his larger-than-life personality brightened stages around the world with plenty of funny moments that are still remembered today.

We can remember him for his dishevelled suits, black fez hat, and wild antics that graced everything from television variety shows to the stagey glitz of Las Vegas. His creative energy and slapstick approach to showmanship revolutionized the entertainment industry, influencing future generations of comedians everywhere.

With Tommy Cooper as our guide, viewers everywhere found limitless joy in laughter and silliness. Here are some resources to bring some more laughter and joy to your care-setting!

Activity Ideas:

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  • Enjoy Tommy Cooper’s famous routines – here
  • Laugh away with Pete as we go to the shops! – here