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‘Tommy’ premieres in London

'Tommy' premieres in London

London is buzzing with excitement as ‘Tommy’ the musical comes to town! This classic has been delighting audiences since 1969 and is based on The Who’s rock opera concept album, also titled Tommy. Featuring iconic songs such as Pinball Wizard and See Me, Feel Me/Listening to You, it tells the story of a ‘deaf, dumb, and blind’ young boy who faces incredible obstacles – eventually becoming an international spiritual leader.

Stars who have showcased their talent in this show include Elton John, Robert Powell and Jack Nicholson! It’s easy to see why this moving story made such a lasting impact on its generation – inspiring The Who’s 1975 movie of the same name for which lead-singer Roger Daltrey received a Golden Globe nomination. And don’t be fooled by the emotional content – there are plenty of light-hearted scenes too, like when Ann-Margret acts out a seductive version of Pinball Wizard – couldn’t get much better than that! So, with these lovely resources, make sure you don’t miss out on all the thrilling music and drama that ‘Tommy’ has to offer!

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