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Walt Disney World’s 100-millionth guest (1979)

Walt Disney World's 100-millionth guest (1979)

After the success of Disneyland, Walt Disney envisioned a much larger park with none of the geographical constraints that he experienced while trying to build a theme park in the relatively limited space of Anaheim, California. After some exploring, The Walt Disney Company was able to purchase around 30,500 acres of (mostly) swamp land in the Orlando area, which is around the size of the whole of San Francisco. Whilst he was integral to many of the designs and planning of the new park, Walt, unfortunately, died before he was able to see the completed project and his brother Roy helped get the park to opening day. On its first day alone, nearly 10,000 people turned up to the new Magic Kingdom, eager to ride attractions like The Pirates Of The Caribbean, Space Mountain and It’s A Small World. In October 1971, the average ticket price for an adult was $3.50 and the star attraction of the main park, Cinderella’s Castle stands 189 feet! It is estimated that 40 million people visit the four parks within Walt Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom). The design of Main Street U.S.A. was loosely based on Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri with many unique nods to Walt’s childhood and Disney history.

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