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World Environment Day

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is a celebration of earths goodness and ways to preserve it for many years. It first started in 1974 to promote “worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment.”  There are many active organisations and campaigns to raise awareness such as the UK’s ‘A Plastic Planet’s’ #OnePlasticFreeDay campaign, their aim is to ditch plastic, to help the whales, fishes, and marines under the sea.

As well as the UK, World Environment Day is a global movement. Many countries are participating to make the world greener and safer place for its inhabitants and demonstrating to future generations the importance of taking care of the planet.


Activity Ideas:

  • Make your own recycled storage containers with our activity – here 
  • Test your environmental knowledge with our Ocean Deep quiz – here
  • And don’t forget to try out our Rainforest quiz – here
  • Celebrate the world’s animals with our Animal Kingdom quiz – here
  • Enjoy the world’s most calming natural environment, the sea – here
  • Do your bit for the environment and sow your own seeds – here