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World Food Day

World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated by over 150 different countries, making it one of the most widely loved days on the United Nation’s calendar. On October, 16 million people around the world will gather at marathons, exhibitions, concerts and marches to observe World Food Day. In the US alone, 450 national organizations sponsor the day. Thousands of events have been held in honour of the day since it was established in 1981 (it was launched in collaboration with The Food And Agricultural Organisation, which was founded in 1945). During World Food Day, people are encouraged to learn more about agriculture, food growing practices and sustainable farming. The UN also uses this day to educate the population about healthy diets and raise the profile of foods from different cultures. One of the central goals of World Food Day is to increase food security around the globe, meaning that resources are spread more evenly and produced more sustainably. The theme of this year’s event is “safe food today for a healthy tomorrow”. People are also encouraged to try foods they have not tried before, discuss food’s place in their lives and celebrate food culture.

Have some fun with these food-based activities!

Activity Ideas:

  • Get together to try these delicious, surprising food combinations – here 
  • Challenge yourself with the Oomph! Food Quiz – here
  • Get together to enjoy this sensory chocolate tasting – here
  • Learn about sweet and savoury pies from around the world – here
  • Challenge your senses with this sensory hummus tasting activity – here
  • Print off and enjoy the Oomph! National Ice Cream Day Activity Book – here
  • Make these tasty and wholesome pancakes with this recipe from our partners at Hospitality HQ – here 
  • Have a go at these tasty truffles – here