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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

Deputy Secretary General Richard established the first World Mental Health Day in 1992 in conjunction with the World Federation For Mental Health. Each year the event is based around a theme that advocates for better mental health services or raises awareness about mental health issues. In 2022, the theme is “Mental Health in an Unequal World”. During World Mental Health Day, many people wear a green ribbon badge to show that they support mental health groups and encourage people to talk about their own journey with mental health and wellness. Mind’s latest research suggests that 1 in 6 people reported struggling with their mental health in the last year, a statistic that many charities and services are trying to tackle. An important part of this global event is tackling the stigma that can sometimes be attached to mental health struggles and improving the way that people talk about the issue. The World Health Organisation estimates that just 2% of the global healthcare budget is spent on mental health services and advocacy. It is thought that the first ever mental health treatment facility was created by the Quakers of Yorkshire in 1796, The York Retreat Centre. In the mid 19th Century, the advocate Dorothy Dix spent 40 years tirelessly raising awareness of these issues in America and Canada and in 1908, Clifford Beers published his memoir A Mind That Found Itself, which caused shockwaves when it described the poor state of treatment facilities in the Western world, leading to widespread reform.

Take some time to look after your mental health and spark interesting discussions with our activities!

Activity Ideas:

  • Relax with our beach-themed meditation session – here 
  • Experience the benefits of physical exercise with this senior workout from our partners at Instructor Live – here 
  • Have a relaxing session with a yoga session from our partners at Open Age – here 
  • Enjoy a laughter yoga session with our partners at Canned Laughter – here
  • Have a go at a sound healing session – here
  • Take some time to have a mindfulness session with our partner Heather – here