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World Milk Day

World Milk Day

1st June is World Milk Day, celebrating the importance of milk and the dairy sector. Did you know, dairy supports the livelihoods of one billion people?

The use of milk in food and drink has been happening for thousands of years, it is a liquid food rich with nutrients like calcium, it is an essential ingredient for dairy foods such as butter, cream, ice cream, and cheese. Milk can also be found as an ingredient used in other types of foods, such as bread, cakes, cereal, desserts and more.

Over six billion people worldwide consume milk and dairy, so there is no surprise a day is dedicated to milk!


Activities for World Milk Day:

  • Make your own marvellous milk cakes with our recipe – here
  • For a quick win, make these super cool cereal milk lollies – here
  • Try out your own sensory milk fireworks – here
  • DIY ice cream with our no-churn recipe – here
  • Blend up your own milkshake try banana splits – here
  • Condensed milk is a delicious ingredient in rice pudding, try the recipe – here