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World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is a global celebration of the beauty and power of poetry! Every March 21, poets and fans of poetry come together to celebrate this art form. This day has an interesting history: it was established by UNESCO in 1999, and this poetic holiday has grown exponentially over the years, spreading around the world for everyone to join in.

The significance of this special day is clear – to promote the love of literature, increase harmonious understanding across cultures, and help people appreciate their literary heritage. Celebrating World Poetry Day can take many forms – some might host panel discussions or readings about classic or contemporary poets; others may organize workshops to encourage new voices in poetry, and still, others might just share poems with friends through social media.

Whatever your way of honouring World Poetry Day, host a poetry session in your care-setting and  spread the joy of poetry with these resources!

Activity Ideas:

  • Enjoy our Poet Laureate activity – here
  • Print off and enjoy our Poetry pack – here
  • Have a go at Famous short poems in a poetry session – here