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World Smile Day

World Smile Day

World Smile Day celebrates the vibrant work of the commercial artist Harvey Ball who is perhaps most famous for using big, round, yellow smiley faces in his work. Ball was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and in 1963 created his signature symbol of happiness and kindness. Since then, his work has appeared on clothing, in film and in others artwork. Many credit Harvey Ball with creating the modern-day emoji! Concerned that his work was being used too commercially, Ball had the idea to dedicate a specific day each year to the true meaning of his art; that kindness should be spread whenever possible. On this day annually, The Harvey Ball foundation encourages people to engage with the artist’s ideas and perform acts of kindness to make other people grin. Ball’s smiley face design was selected as one of the most popular artworks of all time and in 1998 was selected to be on a federal stamp! Although Ball died in 2002, his legacy lives on through this special day and the legions of fans who keep the spirit of his jolly work alive.

Celebrate World Smile Day with these activities!

Activity Ideas:

  • Have a good laugh with this laughter yoga session – here
  • Have some fun with these cheery tunes from our partner Mr. Meredith – here 
  • Prank your friends with this fun prank – here