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World Telephone Day

World Telephone Day

The invention of the telephone is actually a very contested subject, with three separate inventors being credited for its creation. Antonio Meucci put in a patent for a speaking telegraph in 1871, but due to financial hardship, he was unable to keep the patent renewed. Alexander Graham Bell put in his patent for the telephone in 1876 – curiously on the exact same day inventor Elisha Gray sent a patent for a very similar device! As Bell was the first person to submit a successful patent, he is generally seen as the father of modern telecommunication. Around the world, it is estimated that there are nearly 10 billion mobile phones and nearly 1 billion landlines. In 1667, Robert Hooke, a British physician invented ‘The Lover’s Phone’ which was made up of two tin cans and a long piece of string.

Get communicating with our phone-based activities!

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