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World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day

The very first World Tourism Day was held in 1980 as an initiative by the United Nations to reveal the great economic and cultural impact that global tourism can have on communities, especially those that rely on tourism as a key source of income. Each year, these global events are based around a particular theme, with the original being: ‘tourism’s contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage.’ In 1997, it was decided that each year World Tourism Day would be hosted by a specific country. In 2022, the event will be brought to Indonesia with the remit of ‘rethinking tourism’. It is estimated that tourism will grow by 3% every year up to the year 2030 and then grow exponentially! It is thought that this is due to decreasing travel prices and speedier public transport. It is thought that the first concerted effort to encourage tourists was during the Shulgi period in Ancient China when locals would take pains to maintain roads and pathways so that people from afar could travel to the beautiful land. The latest reports say that the most popular tourist destination for Brits is Mallorca, whilst the most popular tourist destination in the world is France, with nearly 90 million tourists yearly.

Learn more about global tourism with our activities!

Activity Ideas:

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