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World Translation Day

World Translation Day

World Translation Day was established by the United Nations as a tribute to those who help improve communication throughout the world with their translation and interpretation skills. Translators are vital in many areas of life, including business, politics and tourism. Many of the greatest works of literature of all time have been able to capture the hearts of readers, thanks to the tireless work of professional interpreters and many translators! They also help movie studios provide accurate subtitles so films can be distributed globally. It was decided that World Translation Day would be held annually on the 30th of September to commemorate the feast of St. Jerome, who translated the bible and is considered the patron saint of translators. St. Jerome was an Italian priest who was admired all over the world for translating The New Testament from Greek to Latin (making it more accessible for more people). Since 2005, the UN has held the St. Jerome Translation contest for professional translators and language students, rewarding the best translators in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, as well as German.

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