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World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day is celebrated on March 3rd every year and it’s a day set aside to recognize the many incredible species of wildlife that inhabit our world. First commemorated in 2013, World Wildlife Day was initiated by the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s majestic wild animals and their importance to global ecosystems. This year’s theme “Sustaining all life on Earth” emphasizes the need to protect and preserve not only wild animals but also the environment they live in.

People from around the world take part in various activities such as online campaigns, lectures and nature walks to bring attention to animal conservation. Numerous zoos also host events to educate children on the importance of protecting wildlife. So, let’s wear our stripes with pride, take a pledge and do what we can this World Wildlife Day. It’s up to us to ensure our planet remains a beautiful home for these amazing creatures!

Activity Ideas:

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