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World’s oldest message in a bottle found (2018)

World's oldest message in a bottle found (2018)

It’s definitely a twist of fate! A message in a bottle that is around 140 years old has just been discovered by two lucky beachcombers in Western Australia. The story goes like this: In the late 1800s, German ships were dispatched to the Indian Ocean to collect currents and other meteorological information. Among them was Captain Ziche’s “Paula,” and on June 12, 1886, it released its bottle containing this age-old message into the sea – only to be picked up again 140 years later by Ross Richardson and DanHaagman!

Researchers estimate that Paula sailed thousands of kilometres since then, with the currents finally bringing it back onto Australian shores. It’s amazing to think that somehow this glass capsule, floating across so much time and space all while avoiding debris, sharks, boats and predators made its way back safely with its precious cargo – one of the world’s oldest messages still intact.

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