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Oomph! Pre-recorded Qigong Session – Monday 11:00am


Oomph! Pre-recorded Qigong Session

Qigong Session

Join our Qigong Expert, Jennie from Spectra Wellbeing, for this Christmas special Qigong session! An ancient practiced focused on healing movement, developed in China over 5,000 years ago. Qigong is a moving meditation using simple, graceful and flowing movements. It is similar to tai chi, but is it’s older sister! Relax and enjoy this pre-recorded session!

Christmas Special Oomph! LIVE – Singing With Wim Songbook


Christmas Special Oomph! LIVE - Singing With Wim Songbook

Singing With Wim Christmas Special Songbook

Here at Oomph, we are thrilled to be partnering with The Richmond Music Trust to bring you ‘Singing with Wim’. In these sessions, Wim will lead you in singing with some familiar favourites which you can find in the attached songbook. This is ready for you to download or have on any device. In some of the sessions, Wim may ask you to join along with some percussion instruments, so have these at hand and ready to go. Wim will give you the signal for when to use them. Some percussion instrument ideas would be tambourines, maracas, and homemade shakers. These sessions are not only for residents but for everyone in the home to join in and have some fun! ” We hope you enjoy singing along with Wim!

Download the lyrics sheets here or by clicking on the picture below!