The Gang

United by the unshakeable belief that everyone deserves a great life

Ben Allen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Loves Flow, the pond-paddling (slightly whiffy) office dog

Lisa Thomas

Commercial Director

Loves her slightly crazy rescue dogs

Matt Hamblin

Business Director

Loves breaking awkward silences with rubbish jokes

Parita Doshi

Client Services & Impact Consultant

Loves “really fun” excel spreadsheets

Rosie Wilson

Senior Marketing & Partnerships Manager

Loves making wheelie good bike puns

Bianca Vercoe

Senior Client & Impact Manager

Loves a steep and cheerful hike! Ain't no mountain high enough...

Emily Wood

Operations Manager

Loves sandy toes and a sun kissed nose!

Lisa Wilson

Client Services Account Manager

Loves decadent chocolate fudge cake

Rose Freeman

Client Services Account Manager

Loves Christmas! Cotswold sights, beaming lights & a glass of mulled, red delight...

Amber Darbyshire

Lead Wellbeing Coordinator

Loves sniffing fabric softener

Jack McKechnie

Lead Wellbeing Coordinator

Loves the theatre and is a cinema addict!

Jade Curtis

Lead Wellbeing Coordinator

Loves feeling fancy with some melted Camembert


Barketing Manager

Loves FOOD (of any description, but particularly cheese)