The Gang

United by the unshakeable belief that everyone deserves a great life

Ben Allen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Loves Flow, the pond-paddling (slightly whiffy) office dog

Kate Colborne-Baber

Chief Operating Officer

Loves doing bootcamp for fun

Lisa Thomas

Marketing Director

Loves her slightly crazy rescue dogs

Parita Doshi

Client Services & Impact Director

Loves “really fun” excel spreadsheets

Marie Moody

Operations and Logistics Manager

Loves cruising the Caribbean with a glass of rum punch

Charlotte White

Community Relationships Manager

Loves making over the top cheesecakes #cheesecakequeen

Harpreet Sarana

Accounts Assistant

Loves good coffee and long naps

Rosie Wilson

Client & Marketing Manager

Loves making wheelie good bike puns

Bianca Vercoe

Account Manager

Loves all things Australia - g'day mate!

Shelley Bate

Coordinator / Scheduler

Loves the wizarding world of Harry Potter


Office Dog

Loves FOOD (of any description, but particularly pizza)

Robert Conway

Head of Group Sales

Loves being top of the table tennis championships

Matt Hamblin

Senior Business Manager, North

Loves breaking awkward silences with rubbish jokes

Emily Wood

Operations Manager

Loves sandy toes and a sun kissed nose!

Steve Gardner

Training & Support Manager

Loves the thought of a hole in one - see you on the 19th Tee!

Lisa Wilson

Wellbeing Coordinator

Loves decadent chocolate fudge cake

Amber Darbyshire

Wellbeing Coordinator

Loves sniffing fabric softener

Georgina Ravuwai

Wellbeing Coordinator

Loves snacking on dried peas

Laurna Davies

Wellbeing Coordinator

Loves shopping, but her bank balance doesn’t

Jack McKechnie

Wellbeing Coordinator

Loves the theatre and is a cinema addict!

Jade Curtis

Wellbeing Coordinator

Loves feeling fancy with some melted Camembert

Emily Lott

Wellbeing Coordinator

Loves running around on a hockey pitch (whilst playing hockey)

Craig Taylor-Green

Wellbeing Coordinator

Loves spontaneous & random family adventures

Chelsea Sturman

Wellbeing Coordinator

Loves smiling - happy loving life!


All of our wonderful conductors