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August 2018

Springhill Care Group teams up with wellbeing specialist

By Care Home

We’re partnering with Springhill Care, a leading UK Care Group, to provide engaging trips out for their residents.

Springhill Care Group, which operates three care homes across the UK, will work with us to implement a wellness project and deliver a range of activities for residents with a focus on positively changing the impact of ageing.

Employees at each home will attend development sessions which aims to enhance activity provision for residents, while an exercise leadership in care settings course, endorsed by Active IQ, will also be undertaken by Springhill’s lifestyle team to allow staff to run inclusive exercise sessions.

Donna Briggs, Managing Director at Springhill Care Group said: “Springhill aims to provide a life not just a service with a focus on enhancing the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of our residents. Over the next few months, Springhill will start to implement a whole-home wellbeing culture which will see all of our staff getting involved in some way.

“We look forward to our residents feeling the benefits of our partnership with Oomph! as we work to further develop our person-centred service, complete with a range of fun activities.”

Matt Hamblin, Senior Business Manager at Oomph! said: “Our team of dedicated experts will work closely with the Springhill team to positively change the impact of ageing and provide innovative exercise and activity solutions, as well as a range of workshops and trips out.”

“Working with Springhill Care Group gives us the opportunity to enhance the lives of people living in care homes – no matter how old they are, we can ensure they live a full life, for life.”

Rising technology in the Care Sector: Challenges and Opportunities

By Care Home

Recently, at the Digital Healthcare show at Excel in London, Paul Burstow from Social Care Institute of Excellence held a thought provoking seminar focused on technology and how care homes need to develop to change with the times.

In the seminar, Paul highlighted that a recent report by The Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Health Foundation stated that, to remain in the same place with service provision, public spend on the care sector must increase from 1% to 1.5% by 2033. While this seems like a steep rise, countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden already devote this much to health and social care.

You can empathise with providers, who are encouraged to innovate and provide an increasingly high level of service, whilst concurrently, funding is being cut – perhaps this is an issue that the upcoming green paper will look to address. However, there are clear cost savings to be made for providers, whilst also improving resident quality of life, using technology to make smart and efficient time savings.

Visiting homes and managers trying to adopt digital care plan systems has shown that overnight adoption of the new technology is not common – often there are implementation issues, and staff sometimes feel that new systems using mobiles or tablets take more time than old paper-based systems. However, the key time saving occurs for managers or senior team members who can quickly access a much larger array of data than ever before. Armed with this knowledge, it is possible to note which individuals have not been involved in meaningful activity and target these people to ensure everyone in the home is being supported correctly.

Currently only around 2,000 care homes nationwide even have WiFi, when the over 65 market is one of the biggest growing markets for social media use. As more and more providers will have to install WiFi systems to meet the needs of their new digital systems, it means that this can also ensure that those moving into homes continue to enjoy a connected digital life.

I personally don’t see the future of social care as a poorly funded, fragmented sector – but one that will be filled with small but meaningful innovations, such as WiFi access, that ease pressures and improve quality of life for both staff and residents…


Any comments? Want to find out more? Please contact alexr@oomph-wellness.org

Canford Healthcare gets out and about with Oomph!

By Care Home

We’re partnering with Canford Healthcare, a leading UK Care Group, to provide engaging trips out for their residents.

Trips are running for 9 Canford Healthcare homes, who are visiting a varied range of locations, spanning everything from arts and culture, to food and dining, to nature and the outdoors. Partnerships established with organisations such as the National Trust also mean that homes will be getting out and about to beautiful houses, buildings and gardens in their local area.

Previous Oomph! trips have been to unexpected and exciting locations, such as cat cafes, gin distilleries and racing tracks, as well as more day-to-day spots in the local community. These trips out aim to connect residents to the people and places that matter most to them, so that they can reignite old passions – or discover new ones.

Canford homes have recently headed out to Southend Beach, Hastings Museum and De La Warr Pavilion, with one member of staff commenting:

“All the residents and staff alike had a lovely day, especially two of our residents in particular, as one is a retired architect and the other used to live on the south coast – so special memories for them both!”

Jennifer, Oomph! Conductor, said: “The residents loved going along the seafront and watching the children play in the water. One lady was an architect and was very interested in the history of the De La Warr Pavilion, so I spoke to her about the how it was decided who would design the building back in the 1930’s. One gentleman used to come down to Bexhill when he was a boy and had holidays in the town so he had particularly fond memories of the seafront.”

Barry Lambert, Chairman of Canford Healthcare, says: “We were extremely impressed with Oomph! and their offering. We feel it will help us to achieve our aim of providing excellent care to all of our residents in a stimulating environment and to ensure that all aspects of their wellbeing are catered for.”

Ben Allen, Oomph’s CEO and Founder, said: “Oomph! are delighted to be partnering with Canford Healthcare, to provide residents with regular and meaningful trips out. It is a privilege to be an integral part of the organisation’s wellbeing provision and we are excited to help ensure that Canford Healthcare residents live a full life, for life.”