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January 2020

Exercise sessions give 101-year-old care home resident new lease of life

By Care Home

Phil is an incredible 101-years-old. He’s a resident at Whitefriars Care Home in Stamford, part of The Orders of St John Care Trust and has recently discovered a passion for exercise sessions facilitated by Oomph!.

After being trained by Oomph!, the team at Whitefriars began delivering three exercise classes a week for residents, and they’ve had resoundingly positive feedback and very high participation levels.

It soon became clear that Phil, who is living with dementia, enjoyed taking part in these classes – so much so that he now helps lead the sessions! The exercise sessions have given Phil a new lease of life, and he has come out of his shell since arriving at the home – not only does he encourage other residents to join in with the classes, but he also encourages them to join in with other activities at the home, including gardening in the summer months.

Phil’s enthusiasm didn’t go unnoticed with Oomph!’s Regional Wellbeing Coordinator, Jade, awarding him with his very own Oomph! t-shirt to wear.

‘Oomph! has brought the community of Whitefriars together, including those that come in on Day Care, which is absolutely amazing. It’s great because everybody gets involved. I would love Oomph! to continue at Whitefriars without a shadow of a doubt.’ commented Shelly, House Manager at Whitefriars Care Home

You can read the full case study by Nesta here.