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Everyone’s talking wellbeing in care… but how do you drive business success and truly differentiate?

By January 18, 2018No Comments

Wellbeing’s become a bit of a buzzword in the care sector these days – but it’s not just great for residents to focus on wellbeing, it’s also good for your business:

    • Great PR – Benefits for residents from activities or interesting initiatives are a primary way to get a positive news story for a home
    • Attractive to prospective clients – Age UK and Alzheimer’s Society rank ‘social life and activities’ in the top 5 criteria when choosing a care home
    • Supports your CQC rating – Care partners’ ratings have improved due to a well planned activity and exercise programme for residents.
    • Reduces care costs – Inactivity and low levels of engagement lead to loss of physical function and poor quality of life (NICE, 2013)
    • Increases staff retention and supports recruitment – there are 90,000 social care job vacancies in England (Skills for Care), so to make vacancies more appealing and retain staff, providing a vibrant and positive wellbeing-based culture is essential

However, wellbeing in care is constantly evolving and driving innovation in the sector.

Here are some of the TOP TRENDS that are at the forefront of wellbeing success:

Community Partnerships – particularly intergenerational – are providing essential social interaction opportunities: Homes are now running Dementia Friends sessions for schools, creating family support groups and hosting activity spaces – such as Mums & Tots, or Knit & Natter.

Smart use of Technology: Technology can create person-centred experiences so that residents are still able to enjoy events using virtual reality tours and bringing experiences to them. Furthermore, care and activity planning software is enabling staff to improve support via instant access to information.

Getting Outdoors more: Accessible, usable outdoor space is becoming essential. Regular outings are now in high demand – in 7 months our Oomph! Out & About service is already taking 1000+ residents out each month! Residents and their families are seeking engaging and culturally relevant experiences to enjoy beyond the home environment.

Providing Resident Ownership: This prompts a sense of purpose and achievement, whilst keeping minds and bodies active. Examples of this within our partner homes include an ex-librarian resident running a mobile library in the home for others, and a resident becoming chairman of the Resident Committee, with high engagement and peer-to-peer interaction.

A wellbeing culture in the care environment provides a true quality of life for elderly residents, enhanced job satisfaction for staff and a benchmark for business success.

To learn more, please contact parita@oomph-wellness.org

Photo: Park View Care Home, First Care Homes