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NorseCare’s £20,000 Comic Relief grant to assist in transforming wellbeing culture through Oomph!

By January 24, 2018No Comments

We are excited to announce our new partnership with NorseCare, who have won a £20,000 grant from Comic Relief to develop the skills and confidence of staff in five of their residential care homes, through Oomph!.

This will support a change in culture and create vibrant, creative communities. Residents will help design and take part in person-centered activities and exercise, having fun, keeping healthy and active and playing a valuable part in the life of their community.

NorseCare Staff will be trained by us to provide sessions at the homes which will focus on ensuring people are happy and engaged in purposeful activity that they enjoy. Some expected outcomes are that the number of falls people have may reduce, their sleeping patterns may improve and residents and staff will have more fun together.

Up to 150 residents plus 200 NorseCare staff will be invited to take part. Families will be encouraged to participate in the programme, resulting in improved engagement and relationships resulting in the creation of lovely memories together.

NorseCare’s Director of Care, Ann Reynolds explained how the programme will work: “We already have good strong links with local community groups for one-off activities such as school visits, fetes and gardening clubs, but we want to learn the best way of developing new, regular and sustainable relationships with special interest and activity groups for mutual benefit, as well as ensuring that every resident who lives in a NorseCare home enjoys every day. We believe this approach will foster new friendships and interests and stimulate our residents, promoting greater levels of happiness, reduced social isolation and feelings of loneliness.”

“This Comic Relief grant enables us to use some specific expertise from Oomph! Wellness, who we know have a great track record of producing beneficial outcomes for many different groups of people.”

Ben Allen, Oomph!’s CEO added: “Oomph! are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with NorseCare to engage staff and residents in an exciting activity and exercise programme. It is a privilege to be a key partner and support their drive for excellence across all homes. We share the same values and are thrilled to be adding additional fun and engagement to residents’ activities, to create happy, energised communities.”

All of NorseCare’s other homes will benefit over time as the learning is cascaded. “Champions” from the 5 homes in the initial project will share what they learn from the pilot across all NorseCare care homes and housing with care schemes.

For more information, email hello@oomph-wellness.org