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From Cat Cafes to Gin Distilleries: One Year of Out & About

By July 11, 2018No Comments

With every life change, we reach new milestones and new circumstances are thrust upon us. In early adulthood, most milestones are an opportunity to interact with new people; we land our first job, move to a new house or gain a place at university.

As we get older, our life changes naturally limit our opportunity to socialise; we retire, we stop driving, our children move out. The potential to slow down on social activities and new experiences as we age is apparent, but it shouldn’t be the reality.

Remaining socially active and maintaining community relationships supports us all to maintain good physical and emotional health. Research suggests that participating in meaningful social activities enhances brain health, lowers the risk of high blood pressure and even lowers the risk of dementia.

May 2018 marked a year since we launched our trips service – designed to break down the barrier between care homes and the outside world.  The service provides regular meaningful outings, supporting older adults to maintain social activities – nurturing existing community relations and building new ones.

In just a year we have seen our reach increase exponentially:

  • We now run 5 x more trips a month than when we started
  • Our fleet of buses has expanded from 3 to 13 (and still counting!)
  • We’ve taken 7000 residents on 2000+ trips, and created countless smiles

Our conductors are the essence of Oomph!, delivering inclusive and interactive trips tailored to the interests and needs of any group of individuals. Neil Thomson, our Devon conductor, gives an insight into the impact getting out and about has:

“On a recent visit to Plymouth Hoe, we had a swimming enthusiast who mentioned she hadn’t been in the water in years. Given she had already swum the channel, we couldn’t let the opportunity slip for her to have a paddle… 96 is never too old for a dip! It’s wonderful to see residents getting out of the home and re-engaging in their hobbies and interests.”

From Cat Cafes to gin distilleries, we’ve seen the incredible benefits that trips have, from enhancing mood and wellbeing to reigniting individual passions our impact remains our driving force. Furthermore, our increasing presence in the wider community has raised the profile of Oomph!, positioning us as a credible partner for the likes of HQ theatres and The National Trust.

We have had a wonderful year empowering older adults to get out and about – creating wonderful memories and new experiences. We look forward to furthering our impact as we grow… About to place 5 new buses on the road and with plans to expand our fleet by a further 16 buses by March 2019.

Be sure to give us a wave if you see us on the road (you can’t miss us!)…

For more information, please email hello@oomph-wellness.org