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Canford Healthcare gets some Oomph! with new wellbeing partnership!

By October 17, 2018No Comments

We’re excited to be partnering with Canford Healthcare, a successful UK Care provider, to deliver awesome exercise classes and creative activities for their residents.

Taking a whole-home approach to activities, staff in Canford Healthcare homes have been trained in Oomph!’s Wellbeing Leadership programme. This will ensure that they are equipped with everything they need to create and sustain a person-centred plan of varied exercise and activities that residents love. The training is tailored to each home, and focuses on meeting and exceeding regulator requirements.

One Oomph! course attendee commented: “I loved learning to tell a story with interesting imagery and adding these to exercise routines!”

The programme also includes a series of skills workshops, including Oomph! Relax, which has been developed in collaboration with expert practitioners of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. The workshop focuses on teaching staff how to deliver flowing exercises, breathing and mindfulness activities to residents. Further workshops will focus on culture, nature and sport.

Brian Cooney, Canford Healthcare CEO said, “At Canford Healthcare we understand the importance of activities to the wellbeing of our residents in order that they can lead full and engaging lives.  We are working with Oomph to further develop key skills to ensure that our residents can maximise their enjoyment of life”.

Ben Allen, Oomph’s CEO and Founder, said: “Oomph! are delighted to be working with the Canford Healthcare team. It is a privilege to be an integral part of the organisation’s wellbeing provision. We will work in partnership to drive innovation and participation across the homes and are excited to be adding additional fun and engagement to resident activities!”