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Residents to get creative with new Art Gallery partnership

By December 20, 2018No Comments

Oomph! have partnered with The Lightbox gallery and museum in Woking to design a brand new workshop for care home staff.

Staff have been sculpting out new skills that focus on painting, sketching and modelling with clay, ready to take their newfound talents back to their respective homes for the benefit of residents.

Held across various regions in the UK, the workshops bring together staff from local care homes, teaching them the fundamentals of the three different skills and how they can practically apply and adapt these for residents.

The workshop is one of four that are run throughout the year, as part of a wider wellbeing training and support programme run by Oomph!. Previous workshops include sport, relaxation and music. The aim is to upskill staff so that they can reignite residents’ past passions and encourage development of new hobbies.

Steve Gardner, Head of Training & Support at Oomph!, said; “We are always looking to create new partnerships that will drive innovation in our training, so that we can continually inspire and engage staff to take new skills back to their care settings. This is why we’re delighted to be working with The Lightbox to provide staff with fresh, new content for them to try out with residents, so that older adults can reap the mental, physical and social rewards of getting creative.”

Heather Thomas, Learning and Engagement Manager at The Lightbox added “We are incredibly proud that we have been able to share the amazing Health and Wellbeing work we are doing with older people at The Lightbox to those in care homes across the country.  Being able to inspire and encourage residents to be creative in whichever way they want is vital to their health and enjoyment of everyday life.


About The Lightbox Gallery

The Lightbox gallery and museum in Woking is home to three stunning galleries hosting a huge range of regularly changing exhibitions featuring world-renowned artists.

Alongside the exhibition programme they also run a number of stimulating community projects for a range of participants including the local homeless, those with mental health conditions and individuals living with the early stages of dementia. The Lightbox believes that art is a powerful therapeutic tool which can help promote happiness and provide relief from the difficulties of the everyday world. The varied range of stimulating community projects, including Art in Mind and Art Without Walls, enables participants to feel positive and creative without any expectation or pressure.

Art in Mind is a programme of monthly workshops for people in the early stages of dementia and their carers or supporters, supporting research that artistic stimulation prolongs the ability of people with dementia to play an active part in society. New to the programme is Art Without Walls, an arts-based outreach programme where The Lightbox delivers an art workshop in local care homes for people who would otherwise not have access to arts and heritage services.