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Sculpting new skills… Care home staff use their artistic license

By January 2, 2019No Comments

Staff from Orchard Care Homes have been sculpting out new skills at our workshop that focused on painting, sketching and modelling with clay, ready to take their newfound talents back to their respective homes for the benefit of residents.

The workshop, held at Lofthouse Grange and Lodge in Wakefield, brought together staff from five homes, teaching them the fundamentals of different skills and how they can practically apply these.

This means that residents will soon be involved in the Oomph! Create sessions, which aim to reignite past passions and encourage development of new hobbies.

“One of our residents at Lofthouse used to be an art teacher, I am sure she will not only get involved with Oomph! Create – she may also help run the class!” said Activities Coordinator, Kirsty, from Lofthouse Grange and Lodge.

There are also plenty of physical and mental benefits of the sessions…

“The painting and sculpturing is a great and unexpected form of relaxation and dexterity.” said Dani, an Activities Coordinator from Nesfield, whilst Kirsty from Lofthouse also explained that “Gladys will absolutely love the clay sculpturing due to the sensory aspect of the activity, she hasn’t got great eyesight but will love the feel of the clay!”

It’s not only an opportunity for residents to try something new, but also gives staff the chance to try their hand at different skills too. Tracey, an Activities Coordinator at Castleford Lodge commented, “We don’t normally do collages as such but it is something we will definitely try after the workshop!”

Jennie Wright, Lofthouse Lodge interim Care Home Manager, said “It was an absolute pleasure to host the Oomph! Create workshop here at Lofthouse Lodge and Grange. I am a real advocate of these fun and interactive workshops as they bring a wider variety of activities to our planners – but to host one and see Laurna in action was great. The day was a huge success and Lofthouse will be more than happy to accommodate anything else planned in the future.”

The workshop is one in a series of Oomph! workshops that Orchard Care Homes staff will be attending, with previous workshops focusing on adapting sports, music and relaxation techniques for the care setting.

Matt Hamblin, Senior Business Manager at Oomph!, said, “It was fantastic to see staff from all the Orchard Care Homes in the area join this Oomph! Create workshop. To see the staff building relationships with one another, sharing best practise and engaging in a brand new skill to take back to their homes was a privilege.”