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Falls at Victoria Nursing reduced significantly… with regular Oomph! exercise sessions

By January 17, 2019No Comments

Falls have reduced significantly at Victoria Nursing Group’s Chartwell, within 6 months of beginning Oomph! exercise sessions in the home.

Between August 2017 and January 2018, the home recorded 17 falls, which has subsequently reduced to 4 in the period between February 2018 and July 2018. There is the same resident group in home, so the number has not been driven by a change in resident dependency.

The home attributes some of the reduction in falls to Oomph! exercise sessions, which incorporate fun and gameplay into seated physical activity classes. The home runs 2 sessions per week, with 6 or 7 residents participating each time – equating to 10 individuals getting active per week.

Falls at the home are measured through use of falls protocol. When a fall occurs, a form is completed, which then goes on to the system for Manager to investigate. Victoria Nursing Group’s Care Quality Director, Emma, will then assess all of the homes each month to determine number of falls and suggest a variety actions to reduce the amount of falls within the home.

“Falls have definitely been reduced – regular physical activity has led to people being more mobile and stronger. There is also increased staff confidence when supporting people thanks to the Oomph! training.” said Emma, the Care Quality Director.

The impact of the exercise sessions is clear to see in the home. One resident used to be unsteady on his feet, experiencing multiple falls, but since Oomph! started these falls have reduced and the resident has been able to walk into the garden with an improved level of confidence.

Ben, CEO and Founder of Oomph!, said, “I’m delighted to see the impact that regular exercise sessions have been having in the home. It’s fantastic that residents are becoming more confident and mobile, and as a result are experiencing a higher quality of life. A huge well done to the team at Chartwell!”