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Formula 1 fan and care home resident “thrilled to bits” to recieve photobook and momento

By March 21, 2019No Comments

Country Court Care homes have been going on regular Oomph! trips, and as a result of this, our drivers (or Conductors), are really getting to know the residents at the homes. A recent trip for Lostock Lodge has had an unexpected outcome for one resident, who has been gifted momentos after the home’s Oomph! Conductor, Bill, discovered her passion for Formula 1… 

Bill, Oomph! Conductor, commented, “On my last visit to Lostock, I spent a while chatting with Sheila and Brian Yates, and it turns out that Sheila is a keen Formula 1 fan and also a Lewis Hamilton fan. To surprise her, I filled a small photo album with 24 shots of Lewis Hamilton which I have taken on my many F1 trips to circuits all over the world. I also took along a small souvenir of a tiny relic of Lewis Hamilton’s leathers mounted on a lanyard.

The response was amazing, with tears of joy in her eyes, and her husband was extremely grateful. Sheila looks through the photos regularly and is still wearing the lanyard I gave her – it makes my efforts so rewarding.”

Sheila developed an interest in the sport on a trip to Austria, where she saw the Red Bull Headquarters.

Brain, Sheila’s husband, commented, “Sheila is thrilled to bits to receive these fabulous gifts. It was a very special moment for Sheila and she will treasure her gifts. She is absolutely delighted and can’t thank Bill enough, as he had no reason to go to all that trouble. Sheila has been through so much, that this is really special for her.”

Oomph! are working in partnership with Country Court Care to take residents out on regular minibus trips to a wide range of local destinations, including Blue Planet Aquarium, the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and the Sloane Square Christmas lights. You can find out more about the partnership here.