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Concorde wish comes true for care home resident

By February 18, 2020No Comments

We were recently delighted to take a group of residents from Camberley Manor, TLC Care, on a very special trip to Brooklands Museum. Greg, the Hotel Services Manager at Camberley Manor, tells the story…

“The last of our Christmas Wishing Tree wishes we could make true happened – some of our residents wanted a meal with their family, some wanted a bottle of their favourite alcoholic indulgence… but Gordon wanted to go on Concorde.

With the help of Oomph!, Jose and myself had the privilege of taking Gordon on board the Concorde. Gordon mainly uses a wheelchair, however, once on site Gordon did not want to use the chair – he said to us, ‘I am going to walk up the stairs and walk on Concorde’. Gordon achieved this.

To me, this emphasises what TLC, Oomph! and Wellbeing are all about… working together to make it happen. However, it was Gordon who was mentally and physically stimulated to achieve something – not only walking up the stairs, but also to fulfill a dream. Our One Team approach provided a dream, how brilliant!”


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