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Care home brings community together with street exercise session!

At Ruddington Manor in Nottingham, part of the New Care Group, the care home’s residents have been smiling and waving to local people during the weekly clap for key workers. Relationships have been building between them during this time.

To create a sense of togetherness at a time when residents are unable to go on trips or have external visitors due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the Wellbeing Team at the home organised a communal street exercise session, with the residents of Ruddington Manor and the local people of the Wilford community.

Invitations were sent to neighbours and the home was buzzing with anticipation for the day. On the day, the home’s residents and the local neighbours came together to shake their pom poms for a fun-filled Oomph! exercise session.


Exercising With The Community

Amy Simpson, Lead Wellbeing Coordinator at the home, commented: “It went really well and everyone laughed throughout! Residents said it was great to meet their neighbours, and they hope to do more things together.

The local people were good sports, really enjoyed the session and would love to do it again… One neighbour said that she had never exercised as a family before, but that she found the session was really fun. Another resident said she was using the session this morning as a warm up before her jog. The children that got involved said it was great fun too.”


You can’t beat fresh air and Oomph! exercise – Oomph! is bringing a community together!

Amy Simpson, Lead Wellbeing Coordinator, Ruddington Manor

Lifting Spirits During Lockdown

Alongside this community session, exercise has played a huge part in getting spirits up within the home – to date, the home have held over 23 Oomph! exercise sessions since the start of lockdown, and have plenty more planned in. Another New Care home, Grosvenor Manor, held an impressive 181 Oomph! exercise sessions in February and March.

Amy, Lead Wellbeing Coordinator at Ruddington Manor, told us, “Over the past month, the support has been amazing from Oomph! – not only do we use the fantastic resources sent to us, we continue to use the other Oomph! exercise sessions that we have been trained to deliver.

We have noticed that by increasing Oomph! sessions, residents that would not normally attend are now attending. Over the past month we have used Oomph! once a day – or even twice a day – to keep the residents stimulated emotionally, physically and mentally.

I would like to thank Oomph! for the constant support and really find the monthly reviews helpful with Lisa. Coming up with new ideas at this time was daunting at first but having Lisa support and encourage new ideas has been great!”

New Care have partnered with Oomph! for 3 years, providing wellbeing training and ongoing support for the teams at the care provider’s homes. This enables staff to deliver a wide range of activities and exercise sessions to engage residents mentally, physially and emotionally.

For more information, or to find out more about our virtual training and resources, please email hello@oomph-wellness.org