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The Benefits of Dance For People Living With Dementia

By August 19, 2020October 6th, 2020No Comments

Dance is seen as a viable therapy for those living with dementia because it combines physical and cognitive stimulation, which could maximize impact on neuropathy and cognition.

Jack McKechnie, our expert Lead Wellbeing Coordinator, talks us through the benefits and a quick activity for people living with dementia to try…

Did you know?

In a study conducted by researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine , 76% of those who danced frequently exhibited lesser signs of dementia compared to those who answered puzzles and read.

Mind, body & soul benefits

Mind: Taking part and learning new, unique dance routines – for example the Jive and the Cha Cha – will support the ability to learn something new, speed up brain processing and improve concentration.

Body: Dancing is an accessible and adaptable activity. You don’t have to be standing up to get your groove on! The benefits dancing has on your body include; improving strength, flexibility and helping with energy levels.

Soul: Exercise is known to improve mood. This is because it affects chemicals in your brain, such as dopamine and serotonin, which can affect your mood and thinking. But what gives dancing the edge is the joy and happiness it can spread, promoting new meaningful connections and reducing depression and anxiety.

Try this…

Why not play a game of musical statues with a meaningful twist? Source everyone’s favourite songs ready for the game. Ask people to partner up, and as the music plays, get them to dance together. When the music stops, everyone will have to freeze – the last pair to stop moving are out of the game!

During unprecedented times, Oomph! are keen to support with stimulating and varied content for older adults. As part of this, we are releasing resources based on our Oomph! skills workshops.

You can download the PDF of this resource here.


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