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L&M Healthcare teams up with Oomph! to help residents engage in person-centred exercise and activities…

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L&M Healthcare teams up with Oomph! to help residents engage in person-centred exercise and activities…

The award-winning social enterprise Oomph! are providing fun-filled training and support to six L&M Healthcare homes.

Taking a whole-home approach to activities, teams will have expert-led training in Oomph!’s Wellbeing Leadership programme. This will equip them with everything they need to create and sustain a person-centred plan of varied exercise and activities that each resident loves. The training is tailored to each home and focuses on meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements.

Each home has access to Oomph!’s new digital platform, Oomph! On Demand. This platform provides engaging exercise and activity content 365 days a year, across a diverse range of topics and meeting a range of interests and abilities –meaning care teams will be able to support residents to tune into live and recorded seated exercise sessions including things like ballet, chair yoga and mindfulness. Residents will also be able to enjoy a wide variety of activity resources, from virtual tours of Scotland to language lessons, and from history talks to music concerts.

The site is full of interactive quizzes, activity ideas, an interactive activity calendar which can be selected according to a desired wellbeing goal or resident’s interests.

Jo Fogg, Operations Director from L&M Healthcare commented…

‘We have some very creative Wellbeing Leads in our homes who have been providing person-centred activities for many years. Adding Oomph to their toolkits enables them to cut down on the vast amount of research time needed for planning and creating activities, leaving them more time to engage with residents.

Initial feedback has been extremely positive, and we are looking forward to seeing how this enhances the provision of person-centred activities and exercise in our homes over the coming months.’

Ben Allen, CEO from Oomph Wellness, commented…

‘We are excited to be partnering with L&M Healthcare to drive person centred wellbeing in the homes and ensure that staff and residents have access to inspirational wellbeing activities 24/7, 365 days a year. Oomph will work closely with L&M Healthcare to ensure we are constantly providing meaningful engagement across every home.’

To find out more about Oomph! On Demand, please get in touch here.

Vindico Becomes Official Tech Partner of Oomph Wellness!

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Vindico Becomes Official Tech Partner of Oomph Wellness!

 Oomph! is pleased to announce our latest tech partnership with Vindico

Oomph!’s latest tech partnership will see us collaborate with Vindico to drive Oomph! On Demand and its related services.

As the UK’s leading wellbeing business for older adults, Oomph! is on a mission to positively change the impact of ageing. They aim to do this through nationwide training, support, solutions, and days out.

And as tech partner, Vindico will now be lending an innovative hand to help Oomph! do just that.

The partnership will cover all aspects of tech related to Oomph!’s On Demand services. Led by Technical Director Ryan Griffiths, Vindico’s Purple Vinjas will be using their expertise to help Oomph! streamline the brand’s digital approach whilst also enhancing the customer experience.

Speaking of the new tech partnership, Vindico MD, Jo Polson says:

“Their wonderful offerings already bring massive improvement to the lives of those in care so the opportunity to be part of this evolution and create an even bigger impact makes all of us at Vindico delighted to be part of the future journey of Oomph!”

Adding to this, Ben Allen, CEO and Founder, Oomph! Wellness says:

“We are delighted to be working with Vindico to refine and develop our technology solutions for care teams. This exciting partnership will enable us to step up our offering and bring a whole new level of wellbeing to the sector.”

To find out more about Oomph! On Demand, please get in touch here.

From Qigong to Bollywood: Care Services Getting Active with New Wellbeing Initiative

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Two organisations have partnered up with award-winning social enterprise Oomph! to provide care services with a huge variety of exercise resources.

This aims to keep service users fit and healthy, with everything from chair-based salsa video workouts to strength and balance exercise plans.

The two organisations, Leap and team BEDS&LUTON, worked in partnership on a joint application to Sport England, to receive vital funding to support care services with access to the Oomph! On Demand digital platform.

17 care services in Bedfordshire, Luton, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes are now using the digital platform, which is full of exercise and activity resources. The resources are designed specifically for care homes, sheltered housing, retirement living, day centres and other care providers.

The platform features a wide variety of exercise content, from adapted chair-based dance sessions to exercise plans and mindfulness videos, and activity content including interactive quizzes, printable activity books and a weekly newspaper.

The partnership is the first of its kind and will robustly track and measure the impact of the support on Bedfordshire, Luton, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes participants using regular forms.

Clare Fitzboydon, Director of team BEDS&LUTON commented:

“We have been delighted to be able to support the Oomph! on Demand pilot as it sits perfectly with our strategy ‘Moving Forwards Together’. I believe that this will support the creation of a new culture with adult social care and beyond, where older people routinely engage in physical activity that will enable them to feel fitter, stronger, happier and more confident to move more. It is important we work in partnership to help those who struggle the most to be physically active and this is a great example of this collaborative approach.”

 A Manager of a Luton Residential Care Home commented:

“Music is a joy to interact with the service users with, residents really enjoy the music and movement session and also the workbooks/puzzles about music – the Oomph! On Demand resources are excellent.”

A Care Home Resident commented:

“I really enjoy the chair exercises, they are so fun to do!”

An Activity Coordinator in a Care Home in Milton Keynes commented:

“The online sessions boosted the residents’ confidence with mobility. One particular resident was left in a very happy and confident mood soon after the session finished, she felt more able to walk and move better”.

Abbi Mckane, Project Participation Manager for Leap: 

“It’s great to be working with Oomph! On Demand on this pilot.  At Leap we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help improve the health and wellbeing of older adults.

We are excited to work in partnership with organisations from Bucks and Milton Keynes to enable their residents to feel more confident, independent and happier to access opportunities that support them to be more active”.

The platform is available 365 days a year, across a diverse range of topics and meeting a range of interests and abilities. It will enable service users to tune into live and recorded sessions, including language lessons, virtual tours and history talks.

Staff and service users are able to select activities according to their desired wellbeing goal or personal interests.

 Matt Hamblin, Business Director at Oomph! Wellness commented:

“Oomph! are delighted to be working with team BEDS&LUTON and Leap on this exciting new partnership. Oomph! On Demand will be able to provide invaluable resources and inspiration to drive meaningful engagement for residents across all participating services.”

To find out more about Oomph! On Demand, please get in touch here.

Barchester Healthcare teams up with Oomph! to help residents live life to the fullest

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Barchester Healthcare is partnering with award-winning social enterprise Oomph! to engage residents and staff in a holistic world of wellbeing.

The 248 homes and hospitals that are part of the Barchester Healthcare portfolio have access to Oomph! On Demand, which is Oomph!’s new digital platform. The platform provides engaging exercise and activity content 365 days a year, across a diverse range of topics and meeting a range of interests and abilities.

Oomph! On Demand enables residents to tune into live and recorded exercise sessions, including ballet, salsa and Bollywood dancing. They will also be able to enjoy a wide variety of activity resources, from virtual tours of Scotland, to language lessons, and from history talks to music concerts from their armchairs.

“I have loved the Oomph programme; it has opened my eyes to a whole new world of ideas. Exercise sessions have been great, and the storytelling aspect has really helped to motivate my residents living with dementia. I have enjoyed the opportunity to get to know other homes and network and share ideas. I have taken a lot from this and will be thinking outside the box in future.”

Activities Coordinator, Hunters Care Centre


The site boasts interactive quizzes, activity ideas, an interactive activity calendar and much more. Care home staff and residents will be able to select activities according to their desired wellbeing goal or personal interests.

“Our partnership with Oomph provides a whole host of excellent resources to enhance a varied and responsive Life Enrichment programme that we offer to our residents and patients every day at Barchester. Along with our own virtual events programme, the Oomph on Demand platform gives all teams within our care settings the additional tools to provide bespoke activities and enjoyable experiences which are tailored to the individual interests of our residents and patients. Through the use of the platform, we will continue to provide everyone in both our care homes and hospitals the best possible person-centred care.”

Lucy Tomlinson, Resident Experience Manager, Barchester Healthcare


“Oomph! is delighted to be working in partnership with Barchester Healthcare, with our Oomph! On Demand platform. Covering a full range of engaging activity ideas, exercise inspiration and training tools all in one easy to navigate platform, Oomph! On Demand provides a whole world of wellbeing resources and support, for every resident whenever they need it. Oomph will work closely with Barchester Healthcare to ensure we are constantly aligning with their existing life enrichment programme and providing meaningful engagement across every home.”

Ben Allen, Chief Executive, Oomph Wellness



About Oomph

Oomph! is the UK’s leading wellbeing business for older adults, to enhance mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Through innovative exercise and activity solutions, Oomph! drive to positively change the impact of ageing with a clear proposition of a ‘Full Life for Life’. Whatever your passion, interest and physical ability their team of dedicated experts work with you to enjoy life… you have one life, so let’s give it some Oomph!

About Barchester Healthcare

Barchester Healthcare is one of the UK’s largest care providers supporting older people living independent lives with dignity and respect. Providing a wide range of services for a variety of needs, Barchester Healthcare supports over 12,000 residents across 248 homes and hospitals for short breaks to long term stays.

A leading care provider over the last 25 years, Barchester services include residential care and nursing care tailored to the individual. Barchester also provide expert dementia care. Many Barchester homes feature a Memory Lane Community, which is a dedicated part of the home designed to support residents who are living with various stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia, to stay as independent and active as possible. Barchester also have dedicated services that provide specialist care for those who require neuro rehabilitation, as well as care for those with Parkinson’s or Huntington’s disease. Barchester have six independent mental health hospitals that offer functional and organic mental health services.

Barchester’s CEO, Dr Pete Calveley, has been named RoSPA’s Influencer of the Year 2021 in recognition of his pioneering work in leading the call for mandatory vaccination for all care home staff which has resulted in a change in the law. Barchester Healthcare is also proud to receive a RoSPA Health and Safety Award for the seventh consecutive year for its contribution to occupational health and safety in the healthcare sector.

At Barchester, we celebrate life and make sure the people we support do too. Our teams of well-trained staff focus on the individual needs of each resident and are passionate about independence, dignity and choice for all residents in their care. We employ motivated, attentive staff, who are committed to a high standard of care. For more information on the wide range of career opportunities available at Barchester, visit www.barchestercareers.com

To find out more about Oomph! On Demand, please get in touch here.

New Oomph! Partnership Announced to Boost Care Sector Employee Wellbeing

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Challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic have had a huge impact on the wellbeing of care sector employees, who have been on the front line of the crisis, working tirelessly in the face of challenges such as illness, shortages, and changing restrictions and guidelines.

In a brand new initiative to boost wellbeing of care sector employees, Oomph! is offering complimentary access to the InstructorLive exercise platform for care providers who are signed up to the Oomph! On Demand platform. This aims to help employees get fit, happy and healthy, and offers providers a perk to aid employee retention. 

Employee Health and Wellbeing

InstructorLive is an inclusive platform providing an extensive range of programmes in varying levels of ability, including HIIT, Aerobics and Yoga. Established in 2012 and accredited by the NHS, InstructorLive has a wide variety of on-demand workouts, motivational tips and nutritious recipes available.

With 800+ workouts and live, personalised support, they are committed to helping care sector teams feel amazing and reach fitness goals. With programmes as short as 10 minutes, there is something to suit all needs and fit exercise around shifts and into the busiest of schedules.

Care teams will also have access to a virtual InstructorLive community on Facebook that hosts weekly live classes with guest teachers as well as talks from industry professionals.

Driving Retention

Whilst also giving care sector teams the chance to set and achieve fitness goals, the initiative aims to increase staff retention in the sector. In 2021, Skills for Care found that many care providers reported that recruitment and retention is now more difficult than before the pandemic.

All care home, sheltered housing, retirement living, hospital and domiciliary care providers who are subscribed to Oomph! On Demand are able to offer the added benefit of InstructorLive exercise programmes to employees to look after their own health and wellbeing. This benefit enables employees to stay happy and healthy as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect both their working and personal lives, increasing job satisfaction.

Partnership for Residents

The Oomph! On Demand platform provides engaging exercise and activity content for care providers to use 365 days a year, across a diverse range of topics and meeting a range of interests and abilities.

Not only are care employees offered complimentary InstructorLive access as part of the partnership, but Oomph! On Demand is also hosting InstructorLive videos for residents, with a wide range of topics, including chair ballet, pilates for balance and a Beditation series. The fun videos have already proved a huge success, with residents regularly taking part in the sessions.


For more info, please get in contact here, find out more about Oomph! On Demand here or find out more about InstructorLive here.

Oomph!’s Care Home Olympics, Encouraging Healthy Competition Across The Care Sector

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Following the huge success of the 2020 Oomph! Olympics, from the 1st August to the 31st August, Oomph! is running another care home “Oomph! Olympics” and we’re looking for enthusiastic care homes across the UK to get involved in the competition.

What are the Oomph! Olympics?

The Oomph! Olympics is a special sports-based competition running throughout August and encouraging all care homes across the UK to get involved. The event – like the Olympics – will include a wide range of sports, with a different theme each week. The competition looks like this:

  • Kick Off and Opening Ceremony
  • Week 1: Swimming
  • Week 2: Gymnastics
  • Week 3: Court Games
  • Week 4: Beach Games
  • Judging and Closing Ceremony

For each theme, Oomph! will provide free resources, from activities and puzzles to quizzes, videos and more. The resources aim to be accessible to everyone from an ability and equipment perspective.

And yes, don’t worry – there will be prizes to be won!

Who can sign up?

Any care home can sign up and join the competition! To take part, every week they must submit a photo or video of residents and the wider community getting involved in the week’s theme. There will be 3 winners per week in the categories: Community spirit, Creativity, and Fun.

The games will be judged by an expert panel. However, even though this is a competition, above all we promote taking part and having fun!

How can I get involved?

If you’re a care home in the UK… You can sign up to take part using our form here. We will then send you free resources and updates throughout the competition!

If you’re anyone else… We’re looking to get this campaign heard far and wide to encourage exercise for older adults! Please help us by sharing this article, our social media posts and spreading the word.


If you want to get involved to help support this initiative or just find out more, please contact us at hello@oomph-wellness.org

For further information, please email hello@oomph-wellness.org, or visit www.oomph-wellness.org/on-demand

Oomph! On Demand Partners with Mindfulness Expert to “Find Your Calm”

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Mindfulness expert, Find Your Calm, is partnering up with Oomph! On Demand to provide a series of mindfulness & meditation videos that teach various calming techniques – from dealing with change and post-lockdown anxiety, to engaging the senses. Here’s a little bit about Find Your Calm from Founder, Heather…

I am a qualified mindfulness teacher with the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation. I first discovered mindfulness about 7 years ago. I was studying to be chartered accountant in a high pressured, stressful job and it really helped me through my exams and work related stress.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety from a child and had never really found anything that helped me to cope until I found mindfulness. I have been a changed person (ask my partner!), I am now able to cope with stress and anxiety, I enjoy life more and I have been able to discover what truly makes me happy. This is because mindfulness helps you to think more clearly and helps you to stop living your head.

I have discovered so many more benefits of mindfulness which include dealing with pain, better sleep, better focus and I have been helping others will illnesses such as fibromyalgia and heart conditions.

I want to share Mindfulness with others because it is something we all have within us and it can benefit so many people. Once you learn how to practice, you can incorporate it into your daily life with ease! Plus, the benefit is so much more than the effort you think you have to put in – once you learn the techniques, you will not see it as effort anymore… More like self-care for your wellbeing.

My plans for Find Your Calm include working more with care homes, educational establishments, charities and organisations. I also am working on combining mindfulness with art! In the future, I plan to set up a centre/retreat where people can come and experience mindfulness and other holistic healing techniques – there will be a vegan café at the centre where you can do some art, read some books and meet like-minded people!

I am really excited to be partnering with Oomph! to provide mindfulness sessions to care providers across the UK, especially at a time when people are finding more anxiety and depression in their lives. The series is designed specifically for those in care and targets key areas that are relevant for them!

For further information, please email hello@oomph-wellness.org, or visit www.oomph-wellness.org/on-demand

Give It Some Welly! New Competition Encourages Care Homes To Get Creative With Nature

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Care homes across the UK will be repurposing everything from old welly boots to the kitchen sink, thanks to a brand new competition designed to make nature both fun and accessible for older adults.

Getting Inspired

Bringing something different and exciting to residents is particularly important for care homes right now. The competition, inspired by Oomph!’s brand new Oomph! Nature 2.0 skills workshop, focuses on one of the key learning areas – creative containers – which encourages homes to use unusual or decorated containers to pot their plants.

The workshop which has inspired the competition not only gives care home teams ideas for recycling household items such as wheelbarrows and jeans as planters, but also shows care home staff how to engage older adults in nature through miniature gardens and through edible plants. The workshop has been created with help from expert partners – such as the Soil Association and Thrive – and covers a range of ideas which can be adapted based on interests, abilities and resources.

Following the workshop, the homes are tasked with not only entering Oomph!’s Creative Container Competition, but also encouraged to get involved in community initiatives, such as the Food for Life Get Together’s Plant and Share month.

Fantastic Feedback

Perfect for Spring, the workshop, where care homes are coming together via video call, is already proving very popular.

One trainee commented, “I have wanted to create indoor gardens but it never crossed my mind how person centred I could make it, so the workshop was a great. It’s easy to learn when it’s fun and gets you engaged!”

How to get involved

The Oomph! Creative Containers Competition is running between the 19th April and the 19th May, and is open to all care homes across the UK, who can enter the competition by submitting photos of their creatively potted plants on social media (tagging Oomph! Wellness) or by emailing them in (to hello@oomph-wellness.org).

The home with the most creative container will win a £50 Amazon gift card, whilst the home with the highest number of likes and shares on social media will get a super funky veg kit so they can grow all sorts of colourful produce.

The Oomph! Nature 2.0 skills workshop is available virtually, for more information, get in touch at hello@oomph-wellness.org

For further information, please email hello@oomph-wellness.org, or visit www.oomph-wellness.org/on-demand

Virtual Wellbeing Platform Huge Hit With Care Sector, Benefitting Thousands of Older Adults

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has rapidly changed the dynamic of how we live our lives, meaning many sectors – including the care sector – have been required to adapt. Technology has been an integral part of keeping people connected during the pandemic. And at Oomph!, our On Demand platform has already been a massive hit in care settings across the UK, with over 400 using the new virtual service and more coming on board every day.

We were delighted to release Oomph! On Demand in October 2020 to give some normality back to residents’ lives, and we are now excited to share some of the impact that the platform has been having across the UK…

 Downloads in the thousands

Oomph! On Demand has been rapidly growing since launch and provides a huge variety of fun resources. We have adapted our content to suit varied physical and cognitive abilities, bringing the well-loved Oomph! resources directly to care settings.

And, the proof is in the pudding – so far, users have viewed the site’s exercise videos over 2,000 times, virtual tours over 300 times, downloaded over 1,200 Oomph! newspapers, taken over 2,000 quizzes, and downloaded over 3,500 activity books. We have also seen over 12,000 activity views, with users exploring everything from no-sew sock bunnies and cheat’s pizzas to homemade terrariums and intergenerational letters.

We strive to keep the content up-to-date, diverse and – most importantly – fun, with a huge array of activities and exercises giving staff and residents a wide choice of entertainment.

Bringing Positivity

The pandemic has disrupted all forms of life, but even now, when we cannot see our friends and family, technology brings us ever closer. Just as it is important to keep older adults safe, it is as ever important to make sure that their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing is an absolute priority during these testing times.

The new platform has been widely embraced and these are just some of the great things that staff are saying about Oomph! On Demand…

A member of staff at Forest Healthcare commented, “I am delighted that through Oomph!’s new digital platform, we can provide interactions for wellness of mind, body and soul to our Care Centres.”

A member of staff at New Care said, “I am absolutely buzzing – Oomph! On Demand has come at just the right time! The residents are going to absolutely love it!”

Residents of care homes are loving Oomph! On Demand, keeping active and entertained with the wide variety of resources available to them.

For further information, please email hello@oomph-wellness.org, or visit www.oomph-wellness.org/on-demand

How To Dance Your Way To Better Wellbeing

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”The dance is over, the applause subsided, but the joy and feeling will stay with you forever.”

Jack McKechnie, our expert Lead Wellbeing Coordinator, talks us through the five steps to wellbeing, and practical advice for how you can introduce these in your care setting through the medium of dance…

Be Active

Be active by ensuring regular dance sessions are available and provide variation by introducing new dance routines. For example, line dancing inspiration can be found here.

Be active by introducing a new warm up to your sessions!

Be active by providing opportunities to progress, perhaps starting with simple dance routines, and then progressing into more difficult routines. Make sure you praise achievements!

Give To Others

Give to others by providing regular dance themed entertainment and encouraging participants to share their suggestions. For example, a ballet performance by the Royal Opera House would provide a wonderful evening of entertainment, find one here.

Give to others by awarding each other certificates for participation in dance sessions. A simple certificate for their contribution to a session would fill someone with joy and a sense of achievement.

Give to others by encouraging them to create their own dance props in creative craft sessions. These could make wonderful gifts. For inspiration look at a how to make a dance ribbon here.


Connect with family, linking up through video calls to enable them to watch and join in with dance sessions.

Connect people by creating a dance themed club, this will not only encourage continuity but also promote friendships!

Connect with participants and encourage competition by creating your own dance themed leader board! You could make this in a craft sessions. This can change weekly depending on your scoring system!

Keep Learning

Keep learning by educating participants on the names of specific dance steps!

Keep learning by researching different dance cultures from around the world, get started here.

Keep learning by finding interesting information about the History of Dance, we’ve found a video that is a great place to start here.

Be Mindful

Encourage mindfulness by asking participants to focus on their thoughts and feelings during dance routines and discuss this afterwards.

Experience mindfulness before or after a session by promoting gentle breathing exercises.

Play gentle, flowing music and ask participants to follow the flow of the music with their bodies, therefore creating their own mindful dance routine. They might want to move their whole bodies or just their hands, it doesn’t matter as long as they follow the music!

We have lots of resources, videos and dance inspiration for care providers on Oomph! On Demand. To find out more about our new digital platform, email us here.