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World Alzheimer’s Day at Sutton Court

By October 23, 2018October 29th, 2018No Comments

This World Alzheimer’s Day on Thursday 20th October, film crews visited Sutton Court where a special Oomph! exercise session was taking place to mark the day.

“Oomph specifically helps people with Alzheimer’s with their mental wellbeing and their physical wellbeing,” says Oomph! founder Ben Allen. “Like any one of us, when we exercise we get an endorphin release and feel really positive and really well. It’s exactly the same for anyone living with Alzheimer’s.”

“She just looks happy ,” says Angela Pettit, a daughter of a Sutton Court resident. “She’s smiling; trying to have a conversation with her now is quite hard, because the dementia has made her reasoning quite difficult, but because of the activities, it’s on another level.”


Shehzad Jivraj, Head of Operations at Clearstone Care, which runs Sutton Court, said, “Oomph has transformed the way in which activities and exercises are taken at our homes. Everyday when I walk around the home, I notice new and exciting person-centred activities and exercises and I see smiles on residents’ faces; these smiles are priceless. This has all stemmed from the excellent training, props, suggestions and assistance that Oomph! provides. These activities and exercises have improved the mobility, coordination, general health and mental health of our residents. We have also seen a rise in outings and external activities which the residents really do love, and again, many of these ideas have stemmed from discussions we have had with Oomph!

However, none of this would have been possible without our staff. Our staff at Sutton Court Care Centre have been incredible at embracing Oomph! and the activities programme here and they have worked extremely hard to get the home to where we want it to be. The team morale is great as all carers and staff work together to provide the activities and exercises and the spirit around the home has never been like it is today.”

Contact lisat@oomph-wellness.org for more information.