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Oomph! Sensory Series: Music Memories

By May 5, 2020May 11th, 2020No Comments

During unprecedented times, Oomph! are keen to support with stimulating and varied content for older adults. As part of this, we are releasing resources based on our Oomph! skills workshops. These resources, and more, will be uploaded to our Wellbeing Resources Hub.

The fourth topic in our Sensory mini-series is: Music Memories.  Music that is attached to memories can provide a total brain workout! Jack McKechnie, one of our expert Regional Wellbeing Coordinators,  tells us more…

Did you know?

Listening to music can improve sleep quality, mental alertness, mood and memory. It can also help reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain.

Try this…

Encourage residents or their family & friends to explore songs from their lives. For example, a song which reminds them of a loved one or a song played at a wedding. The songs chosen will help build a playlist of life which will be attached to memories. The playlists will support engagements by evoking memories. Residents or their friends / families can use this template to get them started.

If the situation permits, you could try a group activity of “Guess the Intro”, which is linked to residents’ Playlists of Life. Residents have to guess which resident the playlist is attached to.

Try creating a biography with a resident, which links songs to emotions & memories, for example; a song that makes you happy, a song that makes you excited or a song that makes you relax. We have created a template here, for you to use.

Top Tip

By using a headphone and a splitter cable, you can make the engagement more private, intimate and block out any background noise.