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Care home residents share their VE Day stories to celebrate 75 years

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, care homes across the UK will be honouring the day on the 8th May. To mark the occasion, residents at Parkfield House Nursing Home, part of Canford Healthcare, have shared their VE Day stories with us.

Aarti, the Wellbeing Coordinator at the home, said: “We have taken VE day into account as it is 75 years, and for many of our residents it is a memorable time of the year. We have started preparation, from decorations, to creating our own display boards – we like to decorate the home with the union jack decorations to symbolise VE Day. We have used the Oomph! VE Day resources pack and residents have inputted and shared their memorable stories of the day.”

Read on for some of the heartfelt stories from Parkfield’s residents…


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