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Oomph! Relax Series: Morning Pages

By June 10, 2020No Comments

During unprecedented times, Oomph! are keen to support with stimulating and varied content for older adults. As part of this, we are releasing resources based on our Oomph! skills workshops. These resources, and more, will be uploaded to our Wellbeing Resources Hub.

The first topic in our Relax mini-series is: Morning Pages.

In the book, The Artists Way by Julia Cameron, it is stated that a tool called ‘Morning Pages’ is practised by many people. The activity uses writing as a medium to release inner chatter and to obtain more consciousness throughout the day. Jack McKechnie, one of our expert Lead Wellbeing Coordinators, tells us more about how to use morning pages…


Release your inner chatter

It is important that, before we embark on any relaxation activity, we release our “inner chatter”. Writing is a fantastic way to get things down on paper and to collate your thoughts. The activity of creating ”morning pages” is consciousness writing, and can be done in the morning, or before any relaxation exercise.

Morning pages helps us to clarify our thoughts, brings us comfort and helps us to prioritise the day at hand. Don’t over-think morning pages, it’s a process to clear your mind!

Now have a go!

Take a pen and some paper, and then begin jotting down anything that comes into your mind. There is no wrong way to do morning pages, just write down anything and everything that pops into your mind!

“I’ve got to make dinner later, what do I need from the shops?” This could be an example of a thought that you write down. No one else will see what you’re writing – it’s for your eyes only!

Park your thoughts

Once you have all your thoughts down on paper, your mind should be chatter free! Make sure you “park your thoughts” – for example, place them away from you or pop them in your pocket.

After you have finished your relaxation activity, you can go back to your thoughts.