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Oomph! Create Series: See What You Say

By July 8, 2020October 6th, 2020No Comments

The first topic in our Create mini-series is: See What You Say.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Every artist was first an amateur”.

Creative activities provide opportunities for everyone, regardless of their ability. They enable people to engage with each other and their own creativity, directly improving their sense of wellbeing. Taking part in creative activities can reduce stress and increase social engagement, providing a fantastic opportunity for self-expression.

These activities don’t need to be complex or require lots of materials! Jack McKechnie, our expert Lead Wellbeing Coordinator, has a simple creative activity to stimulate the mind, that only requires pencils, paper and an object…

The benefits of the activity

It’s always important to know why we are doing an activity and what the benefits of an activity are. This activity will support thought process, reduce anxiety, promote calm and relaxation, improve dexterity and support control of movement. This activity, and creative activities in general, are great for promoting individuality, promoting  happiness and creating meaningful connections.

Let’s be creative

You will need an object, pencils and paper for this activity. During the activity you will draw what you hear.

The speaker will pick an object and sit out of view from the rest of the group. They must describe the object in as much detail as possible without saying what it is.

For example, if you were describing a jug, you may say: “This object is made from clay and is about 20cm tall. It has a larger bottom to it & becomes narrower about two thirds of the way up.”

The other members of the group draw their interpretation of what they are hearing. Afterwards, get the group to share what they have drawn and compare their creative pieces!

During unprecedented times, Oomph! are keen to support with stimulating and varied content for older adults. As part of this, we are releasing resources based on our Oomph! skills workshops. These resources, and more, will be uploaded to our Wellbeing Resources Hub.


You can download the PDF of this resource here.


To find out more about our new virtual resources and support programme, email us here.

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