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How To Dance Your Way To Better Wellbeing

By September 15, 2020June 22nd, 2021No Comments

”The dance is over, the applause subsided, but the joy and feeling will stay with you forever.”

Jack McKechnie, our expert Lead Wellbeing Coordinator, talks us through the five steps to wellbeing, and practical advice for how you can introduce these in your care setting through the medium of dance…

Be Active

Be active by ensuring regular dance sessions are available and provide variation by introducing new dance routines. For example, line dancing inspiration can be found here.

Be active by introducing a new warm up to your sessions!

Be active by providing opportunities to progress, perhaps starting with simple dance routines, and then progressing into more difficult routines. Make sure you praise achievements!

Give To Others

Give to others by providing regular dance themed entertainment and encouraging participants to share their suggestions. For example, a ballet performance by the Royal Opera House would provide a wonderful evening of entertainment, find one here.

Give to others by awarding each other certificates for participation in dance sessions. A simple certificate for their contribution to a session would fill someone with joy and a sense of achievement.

Give to others by encouraging them to create their own dance props in creative craft sessions. These could make wonderful gifts. For inspiration look at a how to make a dance ribbon here.


Connect with family, linking up through video calls to enable them to watch and join in with dance sessions.

Connect people by creating a dance themed club, this will not only encourage continuity but also promote friendships!

Connect with participants and encourage competition by creating your own dance themed leader board! You could make this in a craft sessions. This can change weekly depending on your scoring system!

Keep Learning

Keep learning by educating participants on the names of specific dance steps!

Keep learning by researching different dance cultures from around the world, get started here.

Keep learning by finding interesting information about the History of Dance, we’ve found a video that is a great place to start here.

Be Mindful

Encourage mindfulness by asking participants to focus on their thoughts and feelings during dance routines and discuss this afterwards.

Experience mindfulness before or after a session by promoting gentle breathing exercises.

Play gentle, flowing music and ask participants to follow the flow of the music with their bodies, therefore creating their own mindful dance routine. They might want to move their whole bodies or just their hands, it doesn’t matter as long as they follow the music!

We have lots of resources, videos and dance inspiration for care providers on Oomph! On Demand. To find out more about our new digital platform, email us here.

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