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An insight into David Wilson-Wynne’s role at Balhousie Care Group…

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An insight into David Wilson-Wynne’s role at Balhousie Care Group and his thoughts on what care quality really means…

“I am so glad there are organisations like Oomph! taking a therapeutic approach to care. The care sector has come so far and couldn’t have done it without businesses like Oomph! It is incredible.”

What is your role at Balhousie?

“My name is David, and I am the Quality and Improvement Partner for Balhousie Care Group. We are the largest operator of care homes within the Northeast of Scotland, currently operating at 26 sites, and my core focus is to identify areas of improvement across the portfolio of homes and to align with the Care Inspectorate’s requirements. But also, to look at good practice within our homes and to drive consistency, across every site.”

What does quality mean to you personally and what does quality mean to Balhousie?

“I think for myself quality is all about consistency and how we can ensure that our residents can continue to live a full life.  I think in our sector there is a tendency to focus on what’s negative, particularly in the media. From our point of view, quality is about little golden nuggets every day and our staff – we call them our Everyday Heroes – are essential to maintaining residents’ quality of life. To me that’s what quality encompasses.”

In your opinion, what is the difference between good and outstanding wellbeing in a care home?

“Being good is about always offering alternatives and choice within care practise and being quite specific about what we can do. Outstanding is whereby we can do that while still maintaining an individual’s cultural and social identity, which is absolutely crucial. My background has always been dementia and dementia practise specifically, and I’m in a position now whereby we can look at what is good within our care homes, but how can we always strive to be better, so whether it be, for example, fully utilising the On Demand platform in every home and how we can make everything truly person centred.”

Why do you think Oomph On Demand is a great resource?

“When I was first shown a demo of the whole On Demand platform it was just jaw dropping, because within a very short space of time Oomph! have been able to capture true person-centred content with such breadth and variety. For example, I searched with just the word “horse” and I could not believe the amount of resources that came up utilising one word. If I had had that 15 years ago it would have been absolutely incredible. “

How has Oomph On Demand supported staff wellbeing?

“We’ve all been through a difficult time because of the pandemic, but predominantly for our staff, who have sacrificed so much to ensure that the residents have true consistency, it has been difficult.  Oomph! has provided a different spin on things whereby staff themselves are sitting down with residents and engaging in something which is very positive, brightly coloured, attractive, and engaging. I’ve seen that from myself first-hand which is fantastic for both residents and our staff.”

What in your opinion would you like to see moving forward from the platform, are there any additional features you would like to see?  

“It really is about being as targeted as possible with very specific content to meet the needs of specific conditions and individual residents.”

For more information about Wellbeing Training and Oomph On Demand please contact Oomph here.