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Oomph! Nature Series: A Game To Explore The Senses

By April 1, 2020No Comments

During unprecedented times and at a time when the care sector is being affected enormously by the current Coronavirus situation, resident wellbeing is even more important than ever.  As part of this Oomph! are keen to support care homes with stimulating and varied content for resident engagement. We will be releasing resources based on our Oomph! skills workshops, starting with a digital Oomph! Nature mini-series. These resources, and more, will be uploaded to our Wellbeing Resources Hub.

The second topic in our Nature mini-series is: Nature and the senses.

This fun game uses Nature to stimulate each sense.

1. What will you will need.

  • A dice
  • A bag
  • Small containers to add the ingredients
  • Ingredients relating to nature, for example cocoa, coffee beans, tea, cumin powder etc

2. The object of the game.

  • Gather some nature inspired ingredients, for example cocoa, curry powder, cumin, coffee beans or garlic powder. Place these in containers into a bag
  • Ask residents to get into pairs and number themselves 1 & 2. Then ask number 1 to close their eyes and give number 2 one of the containers from the bag.
  • The group leader then rolls the dice to reveal a number, the number will correlate to one of the questions below for example, how does it smell? Number 1, with their eyes closed, will then answer the question with the support of number 2. Keep going until number 1 can guess what the ingredient is.
  • Repeat the process with number 1 & 2 swapping roles.

3. Questions.

If you roll a:

1 how does it feel?

2 how does it look?

3 how does it smell?

4 – how might it taste? (but don’t eat it!)

5 – how does it sound?

Roll a 6 and anything goes! (you can choose 1 or 2 from the list above)


You can download the PDF of this resource here.

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